Billy Colestock

License: 01771188

I’m not originally from San Diego, but much like many people here, I’m transplant. Living in San Diego is a lifestyle choice. People come here for the weather, culture and…beer (or at least I did). Born in Rochester Michigan, my father got tired of the winters (and a few other things) and moved me to South Carolina when I was very young. It was in 2003 that I decided the “ West Coast Is Best Coast”. Although the east coast is lovely, it doesn’t compare with the lifestyle we have in San Diego. Once I made it official, I knew I wanted to be in the business of making lifestyles and dreams come true. Real estate is a career that has you constantly working. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle! After living here for almost 15 years, I have learned the ins and outs of this city. Are you wondering what neighborhood has the best schools or where you should live for the shortest commute to work? That’s where we come in! Our only mission is to help you live the lifestyle you’re searching for. I run the SoCal Lifestyle Realty Group and have surrounded myself with an amazing team, including the love of my life Yesenia Nogales! Just like anybody in business, I surround myself with team members who excel in areas that I may lack. I can out negotiate anyone I go up against, but filing paperwork is not my strong suit. That’s why I have a full position dedicated to this on our team to make your experience second to none. It’s extremely important that our clients have a world class experience. We don’t sell homes, we help people achieve their dreams by helping them realize the lifestyle they want. It truly is a fulfilling experience, but also the reason why our clients and friends don’t hesitate to share our names with others. We do what we say we are going to do. We answer our phones 24/7 and never miss a beat. We answer all of your questions and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Love where you live because we love what we do! Check out the rest of our team members or even our website to see if we can assist you in creating the lifestyle you’re searching for.

Yesenia Nogales

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“It was a tough battle buying a home but Yesenia and Billy help me through the process. And giving me advice .Keeping me updated night and day. Awesome … more
by javiermadrigal104


“I was given a recommendation from a friend, they sat down with us and went over what we wanted and what we could afford and from there Kristin took us … more
by ShannonMoeller

Living in So Cal is more than just a place to live, it’s a Lifestyle. Everyday I wake up and stare at the beautiful mountain views from my balcony truly grateful of our lifestyle. But getting here wasn’t a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, I was born and raised in Mexico. I am the 5th child of 10 kids! Growing up, I was truly the “invisible kid”(this taught me a valuable lesson later in life). When I was 18, my mother moved to San Diego with my younger siblings in hopes for a better lifestyle for all of us. The plan was for me to get my tourist Visa and come visit for 2 months. Once I got here, my mom said she didn’t want me going back. Quite frankly, I didn’t want to either so I stayed. I left friends, a boyfriend, my Dad and my life in Mexico. I didn’t speak a word of English, but was motivated to learn the American way. My first job was as a server in a restaurant. I memorized the menu, all the questions I needed to ask and any response I thought I would get. I understood the value of customer service and how it is the key to providing an experience people remember. My customers cared how I made them feel and that lesson transpired how we run our real estate team today. My career path changed when my daughter was 2 years old. At the time, I was still working tirelessly in the restaurant industry. I will never forget coming home from work and watching my daughter cry because my Mother was leaving (my mother watched my daughter at the time). At that moment I decided something had to change. My daughter was my “Why” in my life and I decided to create a better lifestyle for her much like mymother did for me by moving us to San Diego. I sat down and thought about what I was really passionate about. Real Estate and Investing in Real Estate. I got my license and started that journey. My daughter is 19 now, so that makes it 17 years! What’s interesting about my story as I look back is the importance of the skills I learned while working that restaurant job. 1.) Customer Service is king- I learned right away that how you make someone feel is everything! This of course allowed me to create systems today to deliver that service for our clients. 2.) Effective Communication- No differently than how I would take orders in the restaurant, I also must listen carefully to my client’s needs and wants. This is why my clients refer and come back to me for ALL of their real estate needs. 3.) Work Hard- Working those long hours in the restaurant industry taught me the value of hard work and having good work ethic. It was not fun, but it’s those experience that led me to where I am today. My husband and real estate partner, Billy, and I have 2 kids that we are raising together. Evan, 7 and Ariana 19. We also met through a real estate transaction as agents representing opposite sides of a transaction. When I am not working? Is that a real question? I love being outdoors hiking. I also love to entertain. I love having people around me. Lots of people. I like to cook. I am an Agent that wants to be involved in my client’s lives. I don’t just want to sell them a house, I want to become friends with them. I invite clients into our home regularly for dinner. Working with So Cal Real RE Group is more than a choice, it’s part of your lifestyle.