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Ashley Smith

Ashley comes from the melting pot of Detroit, Michigan. In high school, she discovered a love for real estate and financial literacy. Ashley moved to Virginia in 2008 with the United States Navy. She attended Old Dominion University for Business with a concentration in Finance. While not deployed, Ashley learned about the area and the people so she could better hone in on their housing wants and needs. 

How I Can Help You in Your Real Estate Journey

She received her real estate license in 2015. Her goal is to help people achieve their dream of homeownership by providing the same drive and dedication she's given to our nation while serving in the military. 


Her hobbies are working out, traveling, socializing, volunteer work in the Tidewater area, and education. She has taken numerous courses about leadership, listening, negotiating, and coaching. 


Ashley is a proud Realtor and Consultant at Big Block Realty and offers loyalty, enthusiasm, expertise, and high-level negotiating skills. 


I'm always looking forward to connecting with customers and real estate professionals!
Let's connect.

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