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Michael Brown

Michael Brown has been living here in San Diego for the past 20 years and has seen the market change from a complete buyers' market to the crazy sellers' market we are in now.

Michael's Grandfather first sparked his interest in real estate as a young boy with the development of the land he grew up on, as he watched homes being built, he witnessed how his family benefited from that development and that really stuck with him through the years. When his uncle, a mortgage broker for Washington Mutual, encouraged him to look into real estate classes at SMC (Santa Monica College), he was hooked after his first class with all the amazing facts about how California real estate was formed from the beginning.

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How I Can Help You in Your Real Estate Journey

Through the years Michael has been in many negotiations representing the buyers' side as well as the sellers' side, while keeping his client's best interest and wellbeing in mind at all times.
5 years ago, Michael received his real estate license through the C.A.R California Association of Real Estate and prides himself in being the second person done with the state exam. He thrives on real estate terms and definitions to better explain the process to his clients throughout the whole journey. Michael says " San Diego is really something special, nowhere else on the West Coast can you work and live 20-45 minutes from world renowned beaches/ coastal cuisine at this price. " He also likes to express to all his clients the 3 most important things to remember when buying here in San Diego: Outdoor Living, Parking, Storage.

Michael thinks these things are absolutely a must when looking to buy based on quality of living and resale value here in San Diego. Michael loves real estate because of the freedom and financial wealth that it can create for his client's. 

Whether you're looking to BUY or SELL in San Diego, SoCal Lifestyle Realty Group knows how to go above and beyond for our clients in customer service, communication, and negotiations to ensure a smooth process. Getting your offer accepted and or the top of the range you're looking to net is the top goal for us as a team.

Michael is always practicing real estate 24/7 but when he's able to get away he enjoys surfing in Ocean Beach, fishing lakes and rivers on 4x4 trips up north, and spending quality time with his Wife of 7 years and his two boys. He can be found sometimes cruising through Baja California for tacos and surf/ camping while mingling with the locals and listening to their amazing stories of life on the peninsula. 


Michael also enjoys working on his 1971 VW Westfalia bus that he is restoring for his son.
He's also a self-proclaimed chef who is only known by his family and friends but takes that same love and passion that he uses in the kitchen into his real estate business.


I'm always looking forward to connecting with customers and real estate professionals!
Let's connect.

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