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Civita Community San Diego’s Walk Everywhere Village

Civita Community San Diego’s Walk Everywhere Village

Not many large urban municipalities offer a beach lifestyle and a walkable village. That’s why the Civita Community San Diego’s Walk Everywhere Village is worth living in.

Civita is a master-plan community in San Diego’s Mission Valley area. Built over a former quarry site, it offers a 230-acre village of a sustainable, urban-style, transit-oriented community.


  • Nestled within San Diego’s Mission Valley, Civita offers a sustainable urban village community.

  • The Civita Master Plan provides 230 acres with a walkable village-type lifestyle community.

  • The Civita Park Development surrounds a 14-acre park where nearby apartments and townhomes residents can enjoy a green community lifestyle.

  • Residents will enjoy a walkable everywhere village in the heart of Mission Valley.

  • Its Civita Park community gives residents plenty of green to roam close to home.

  • Civita’s sustainability offers green buildings on tree-lined streets.

  • The new smart technologies make Civita more energy efficient

  • Imagine housing built on terraces on a sloping hill with leveled walkable footpaths leading to a beautiful modern park.

Civita Developments

Several developments make up the Civita community and park area.

The Civita community developed by Sudberry Properties calls for up to 70 acres of parks and open space. Of the eventual 4,780 residences, 478 affordable housing units are included. Also, includes a 480,000-square-foot retail center along with 420,000 square-foot business/office campus.

In 2021, a $155 million mixed-use project opened with 306 affordable apartments and an urban village built around a 14.7-acre central park

The Civita Park community advertises itself as “A whole 14 acres of green means you can roam and never leave home.”

After its completion, it will become a modern community next to a large park.

Civita Location

Civita sits within the Mission Valley of San Diego north of Friars Road between I-805 and SR 163. Civita is located 7 miles from downtown San Diego. It’s located at 7960 Civita Blvd.

Mission Valley where the first Spanish settlement in California was established in 1769. Originally named Mission San Diego de Alcalá, as the first California Mission.

Civita Geography

Civita is built on a former quarry. That’s why the property slopes down towards the San Diego River. Because of the slope, it’s developed into a series of terraces. Each terrace contains housing with level footpaths leading to Civita Park.

Civita is an example of urban infill where unused vacant land is redirected to develop urban sites. Its 230 acres is one of the largest examples of urban infill in the country.

Civita Land Planning

Civita Land Planning

Overall, there are $2 billion of Civita real estate development projects in progress.

These projects fit with the City of San Diego “City of Villages” concept. Its pedestrian-friendly compact neighborhoods whose walking distance to public transit and other necessities create a village atmosphere.

The master plan calls for a high-density urban village including a network of open spaces and parks, Within the village pedestrian trails, bike paths, and walkable streets connect housing with retail, civic venues, and offices.

Civita Sustainability

green building concepts - civita sustainability

Several green building concepts are used. For example, traffic signals and street lights use low-energy LED lights, and more street trees are planted than required by the city of San Diego.

The terraced slopes encourage people to walk on level footpaths from each housing complex to the central park and streams.

Also, new smart grid technologies will make Civita more energy efficient and sustainable. Its technologies include:

Businesses and residents will preserve the environment, conserve electricity, and make Civita a model for future low-carbon communities.

Energy Efficient: Its homes must use specified Energy Star appliances. Also, all homes and commercial buildings must exceed California’s Title 24 energy requirements by 15%.

The residential areas direct stormwater runoff using a unique bioswale system to Civita’s central park. The bioswale looks like a natural streambed that removes pollution and silt from the runoff using a natural biofiltration system. This reestablishes animal and plant habitats.

A ride-sharing program features a fleet of smart electric drive vehicles through car2go. Also, 6 public electrical car charging stations are already onsite with more to come.

Civita Park

The park slopes down in a series of mesas providing residents with designed areas for exercising, relaxing, playing, and gathering. Finger trails connect the park to adjoining neighborhoods. Its vista points provide panoramic views of the San Diego River valley and the community. It features:

  • A giant chess board with tables for chess and checkers;

  • Ping pong tables;

  • Outdoor living rooms with cement couches;

  • A splash pad;

  • Deluxe BBQ areas for small events;

  • Two half-court basketball courts;

  • Civita Tunnel mural, a 72-foot-long, 270-degree mural inside a pedestrian tunnel;

  • Plenty of open outdoor space for games like soccer and football; and

  • A walking & jogging track around the park with stretching bars.

The Playground

Plenty of fun things including:

  • Baby swings;

  • Group swing;

  • Saddle swings;

  • Things to climb;

  • Big and small slides;

  • Sand area;

  • Spinner;

  • Rubber round; and

  • Wheelchair accessibility.

Amenities and Hours

  • Amphitheater;

  • Leashed dogs allowed;

  • Plenty of space for events;

  • ADA access;

  • Military tribute space;

  • Parking lot;

  • Rose gardens;

  • Restroom facilities;

  • Showers;

  • Civita creek; and

  • Open dusk to dawn.

Civita Park Phase 2

The final phase of Civita Park opened in September 2020. The new features include:

  • A shaded picnic grove with a restroom near the playground;

  • Two playgrounds;

  • A Mining Relics Garden;

  • The "Frame", a 10-foot-high structure resembling a painting wall frame ;

  • Lookout Meadow;

  • Beautiful garden zone; and

  • Bocce court and games area.

What Makes Civita Unique?

Civita is centrally located in Mission Valley which contains shopping malls, restaurants, a dog park, trolley station, and is 15 minutes from downtown San Diego and the beaches.

Civita’s uniqueness stems from its energy-efficient sustainability village community near a large urban center and beautiful beaches.

The Civita community recently introduced a propane-fueled free shuttle service bus to transport residents to San Diego Trolley Stations at the Hazard Center and Fenton Marketplace.

Not many communities boast of its buildings exceeding energy standards, electric car charging stations, ride-sharing systems, free shuttles to downtown & back, and nearby public transit.

Its mixed-use housing includes single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, and townhomes. Residents can access a new beautiful park and a private recreational center in the middle of Civita.

Its location allows easy access to the 5, 8, and 163 freeways. The village contains restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores. Future development includes large commercial space for more restaurants, shops, and workspaces.

Learn More About Civita

They have a very active Facebook page filled with new postings and updates about events and new business openings.

Their Civita Community webpage contains many photos and information about shops that opened and life in Civita. They include links to learn about their:

View our recent article describing the many benefits of living in Mission Valley with over $7 Billion in new development projects underway creating the New San Diego Lifestyle.

Civita Community San Diego’s Walk Everywhere Village – Conclusion

While San Diego is famous for its sunny beach lifestyle, its lure includes a new Civita Community Walk Everywhere Village.

Enjoy living in green sustainable homes with Energy Star appliances supported by 15% more energy efficient than state law requires.

Unique transportation options to downtown San Diego using electric drive vehicles for ride-sharing. Plus, a free shuttle bus system for morning commutes to downtown San Diego with evening return home trips.

Six electric car stations (with more to come) to keep your personal electric vehicles charged up.

Nowhere else can you live in an eco-friendly walkable village with a beautiful fun park so close to a major metropolitan city and gorgeous sunny beaches?

Relocate to the Civita Community San Diego’s Walk Everywhere Village

SoCal Lifestyle Realty for a better life offers you and your family the unique opportunity to get into San Diego’s new walkable village before it sells out.

Contact us today to learn more about this new exciting community and available homes in the walk-everywhere village in the heart of Mission Valley.

Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger

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