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Strategy and Tactics for Selling Your Home

Like any high price product for sale, you need a strategy and tactics for selling your home. Whether your home is worth $100,000 or in the $millions, learn from our tips to create a successful home sale “formula”.

In other words, treat the sale of your home like a business marketing science.

Strategy and Tactics for Selling Your Home

Strategy and Tactics for Selling Your Home


Forbes suggests treating your home sale as a business strategy.

Real estate experts agree that the following strategies are most effective for selling your home.


Get Your Home Ready to Attract More Buyers Before Listing


Real estate experts call this “staging” like a movie set with props. If your home is unoccupied think “fresh” with a clean slate. Paint the rooms with neutral colors and use minimal but trendy decor.

Buyers should walk into your home to envision themselves living there. Removing all distractions from the previous or current homeowner allows buyers to dream about how they can add to it.

If you occupy your home, pay attention to simple details like removing personal clutter (like an old rug or family photos). Before a buyer visits, hide signs of family usage like drying dishes and other items on the kitchen countertops. Your bathrooms need thorough cleaning and hide all personal items like drying towels, toothbrushes, and used soap.

According to another Forbes article, “staged homes sell faster and for more money”.

Further tips for staging your occupied or unoccupied home require an entire article. But, we already wrote one for you. It suggests how to enlighten every room and the outside too. View our helpful blog post titled: Tips for Staging Your San Diego Home When Selling.


Clean, Declutter, Depersonalize, and Curb Appeal


Investopedia recommends these four tasks to “Sell Your Home Fast”.

Cleaning: Besides staging, your occupied home needs a total cleaning from top to bottom. A dirty home turns off buyers.

Declutter means removing all the trash and clutter. Hide the laundry. Remove all the extra things found on kitchen and bathroom counters. Put all nonessentials in storage and lock the door.

Depersonalize means removing everything personal like family photos, trophies, and diplomas. Hide all pet accessories including food and water dishes, beds, and toys.

Curb appeal means what a buyer sees from the street when looking at your home. This includes your driveway, front lawn, entry doors, siding, roof, and landscaping. They must look neat and trim. Appealing and inviting a buyer to approach your front door. A good first impression is essential.

We published a blog post explaining other ways: “How to Add Value to Your San Diego Home Before Selling”.


Find the Right Real Estate Agent for You

SoCal Lifestyle Realty

Not all real estate agents are equal. Finding the right agent to list and sell your home faster and for more money is critical.

For most homeowners, selling the home is the biggest financial transaction in their current lifetime. If you want to experience less stress for more profit finds the best real estate agent that fits you.

Your real estate agent should know all the nuances of your neighborhood and the difference in home sales prices from street to street. Knowing this means the difference in selling your home for thousands of dollars more.

Want to learn more about how an experienced agent helps you find buyers with more money? Read our blog post titled, Use an Experienced California Real Estate Agent.


How to Price Your Home to Sell


If your sales price is too high it won’t sell. Its basic law of supply and demand. Overpriced homes stay on the market too long and become known as “stale” like bread.

Pricing your home competitively saves you time. It encourages buyers to make an offer even if your price is a little over what they want to pay.


Want to Know What Your Home is Worth?


The internet is filled with Multiple Listing Services (MLS) data and other home sales data for every city in the U.S. Yet, most home sellers do not know how to interpret and use the data. Ever pour over Google Analytics and demographic charts? Easy for an SEO guru but complicated for the average layperson. Avoid trying to become a mathematician or a data geek.

You can ask a real estate agent to perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA compares recent sales prices of homes comparable to yours. However, no two homes are alike. Additionally, the CMA doesn’t help if no similar homes in your immediate location sold in the past six months or less.


Use RealScout for Strategy and Tactics for Selling Your Home


Instead, work with a real estate agent whose brokerage uses the hi-tech RealScout program for home sellers.

Our broker, Big Block Realty, participates in San Diego’s unique RealScout system. They published a blog post explaining how RealScout helps listing and sales agents. RealScout’s Buyer Graph analyses local buyer data about their needs and wants in a home. This data helps our listing agents determine the highest price local buyers are willing to pay for a specific seller’s home.


They also published another blog post explaining RealScout to sellers titled: “How RealScout Helps San Diego Home Sellers in 2021”.

Here are the highlights:

RealScout helps home sellers to sell faster by:

  • Helping sellers to decide on a realistic listing price based on local buyers’ preferences;
  • Allows buyers to add to our Local MLS database preferences and features they like and dislike which allows the most suited home listings to appear first;
  • Let’s buyers find their ideal home faster; and
  • The system makes it easy for buyers’ agents to set up preview appointments with the listing agent.

Therefore, our RealScout program helps us to better price seller’s homes. In addition, RealScout helps our Realtors to come up with improved marketing strategies for faster sales at higher prices.


Negotiating with Skill


Sellers who try to sell their homes themselves are called “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO). They do all the work themselves like:

  • Coming up with a sales price;
  • Preparing the home for visitors (buyers);
  • Advertising online and in newspapers;
  • Showing the home to buyers; and
  • Negotiating with buyers.

Savvy buyers and investors know all the tricks and games to play when negotiating the sales price with sellers. Likewise, they know all about “contingencies” (conditions) written in home purchase and sale contracts allowing the seller and buyer to cancel the sale if a condition is not met. To learn about contingencies read our post “What are Real Estate Contingencies in California?”

In addition, the buyer will make an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) where state laws determine how to handle them. Read this post explaining EMDs: “What is the EMD (Earnest Money Deposit Check)?


Sweeten the Deal


Unless your house is selling in a “hot” market where buyers offer more than the listing price, consider ways to “sweeten the deal”.

During slow “down markets” sellers offer a little extra incentive to sell the home faster. An example includes offering a transferable home warranty that covers repairs and replacement for home appliances and systems.

Another example is to offer to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs. Paying less to buy your home appeals to buyers including lower closing costs.


Strategy and Tactics for Selling Your Home – Conclusion


Once you establish a strategy and tactics for selling your home follow them to sell faster for a higher price. These include:

  • Preparing your home to attract more buyers by staging;
  • Clean, declutter, depersonalize, and curb appeal;
  • Finding the right real estate agent;
  • Pricing your home to sell;
  • Using the RealScout alternative;
  • Negotiate with skill; and
  • Sweeten the deal during a slow market.

Want to Use RealScout to Sell Your Home Faster at a Higher Price?

Sell Your Home Faster at a Higher Price

Only a few real estate brokerages in San Diego County can access the unique hi-tech RealScout program.

SoCal Lifestyle Realty has complete access to RealScout to help you list your home at a better price. Likewise, RealScout makes it easy for buyers to find your listing when it meets their needs and likes. In addition, RealScout allows a buyer to quickly make an appointment to preview your home.

Contact us to learn about the many benefits of RealScout before listing your home for sale in the greater San Diego area.


Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger