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Best Video and Alarm Security Systems for Your Home 2022

Updated: May 4, 2022

Want to learn about the best video and alarm systems for your home 2022?

Best Video and Alarm Security Systems for Your Home 2022, best systems, top of the line

We present the results of the best reviews by leading hi-tech and home improvements experts including:


  • Learn about the best video and Alarm security systems for your home in 2022.

  • Learn how these systems work and their compatibility with your existing Wi-Fi and wireless protocols. Find the Top systems and their prices for these types:

  • Best Home Security Automation Streaming;

  • Best DIY Home Security Systems;

  • The Best Budget DIY Home Security System;

  • The Best Budget Professional Security System;

  • Two Best Video Doorbells;

  • Two Best Home Security Cameras; and

  • Best Smart Locks.

  • Also, learn how to prevent systems hacking.

Understand How the Best Video and Alarm Systems Work in 2022

Before we get into the reviews it’s good to understand how the best video and alarm systems operate. This will help you with selecting the best systems for your home.

Home Security Automation Streaming

Your smart home security system connects to your Wi-Fi network. This enables you to monitor and control your security systems with your smartphone and apps.

Let’s start with your entry systems. Door and window sensors along with motion detectors connect into a hub communicating with these devices by wireless protocols like Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or a proprietary mesh network.

They allow you to add extra motion, door, and window sensors providing coverage over your entire home. In essence, you can build a comprehensive system including garage door openers, door locks, outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras, sirens, lights, water sensors, smoke/CO detectors, and more.

Note: Wireless protocols cannot use the same wireless standards when communicating with the main hub. That’s because factors like signal range, power requirements, prices, and size make it practically impossible to combine into one protocol.

For example, small components like a door & window sensor normally use Zigbee or Z-Wave technology due to low power usage and are only powered with small batteries. These protocols don’t produce the required bandwidth that Wi-Fi produces. A hub connects and controls Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Yet, Wi-Fi devices are connected directly to your home network using an app.

The Best Home Security Automation Streaming

Costly ($600 equipment price), but worth it if you want complete smart home integration. Vivint provides good third-party device integration. Also, it does not require a contract. Monitor prices range from $30 to $45 per month. Call them directly to order.

Another costly system that provides everything you need for maximum protection. PC Magazine describes the ADT Command system as a “High-End security system for a high-end price”. Offers great customer service.

Offers many home automation and security devices. Third-party A-Wave devices integration. Plus, excellent web app and mobile experiences. The upfront cost is $599 with monthly fees starting at $60 and requires professional installation. Purchase at ADT Pulse.

DIY Home Security Systems

Budget shoppers love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) security systems because they are cheaper to install and avoid subscription fees. Most are easy to install when sold as kits allowing you to configure them to fit your specific needs. Also, you can buy additional sensors and other parts when you need to grow.

Note: Basic entry-level DIY systems only work with one or two wireless protocols. Likewise, you are limited to the selection of add-ons. Yet, a more costly DIY system supports many wireless protocols with compatibility for more add-ons. Also, DIY systems are self-monitored meaning you must call 911 if a device is triggered.

The Two Best DIY Home Security Systems

DIY Home Security Systems

Gives you reliable security performance and offers many extra features like network security monitoring and cellular-powered backup Wi-Fi, network security monitoring. Its system includes a Wi-Fi 6 Eero router giving you access to many extra features like network security monitoring and cellular powered backup Wi-Fi for power or internet outages and extra storage.

Easy to install and use. Includes battery-powered motion detector sensors glass break sensors, and security cameras. Starter kits start at less than $200. Professional monitoring plans start at $15 per month. Better yet, their $25 per month monitoring services include voice support via Alexa and mobile apps controls.

The Best Budget DIY Home Security System

Considered the best budget DIY home security system by all of the reviews,

Wyze Home Monitoring – Its base DIY kit includes:

  • A motion detector;

  • Two-door/window sensors;

  • Base station with built-in siren; and a

  • Keypad.

All for around $70 with a $5 per month professional monitoring. Big discounts for signing up for a year. Add sensors for $10, cameras for $30, and more gadgets at low prices. The only drawback is the lack of cellular backup for internet or power outages.

Order your Wyze Home Monitoring plan here.

Different Professional Home Security Systems

Most systems are wireless installed using double-sided tape. Yet, other high-end systems require professional installations.

Professionally installed security systems cost much more than a DIY but offer 24/7 monitoring. Yet, you must enter into a multi-year contract paying a large terminating fee if you break the contract early.

Professional systems typically use touch screen hubs containing Wi-Fi, RF, Z-Wave, or Zigbee radios. This allows communication and control with many components This lets them communicate with and control door locks, sensors for windows and doors, light switches, outdoor cameras, glass break detectors, video doorbells, and many more.

Professionally monitored systems alert an agent when an intrusion or smoke alarm triggers to first contact you by the two-way control panel, then by your listed phone number before calling 911.

You never have to lift a finger with professionally installed systems.

Best Budget Professional Security Systems 2022

Comcast Xfinity Home Security – Less costly than competitors ADT and Vivant. Works with many third-party smart home gadgets. It doesn’t require a contract. Yet, Comcast will recommend bundles with other services which are optional. Find Xfinity stores here.

Video Doorbells

A video doorbell lets you see who is near your door without opening or getting too close to the door.

Your video doorbell connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends an alert when someone comes close to your door. A video recording starts when motion is detected or your doorbell is pressed.

Video doorbells usually include two-way audio communications where you speak with the visitor from anywhere using your smartphone.

Best Video Doorbells 2022

The following three video doorbells show up in most reviews.

Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell An inexpensive smart doorbell delivering sharp HD video with a wide view angle, local and cloud storage, and voice control support. Costs $90 on Amazon,

RemoBell S – Another affordable video doorbell includes free cloud storage, motion detection, and supports Google and Alexa voice commands. Its IFTTT system operates with other smart devices. Costs $99 on Amazon.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 – Costs more than the other two but offers a lot more like 3D motion detection, high detailed video, and an aerial view of motion activities, Costs $250 at Amazon.

Security Cameras

Living in a small apartment or a small Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) allows you to rely on a security camera and not pay for a full security system. Most security cameras operate on Wi-Fi so you can monitor using your smartphone or tablet.

Most cameras contain built-in motion and sound detectors and can send email notifications when a sensor is triggered. You must tweak the camera to avoid pet activities or passing cars if the camera is near a window.

Also, you can turn off the sensors on a timer during specific hours.

Outdoor cameras are ideal for watching activities outside your home. They connect to your Wi-Fi allowing you to view the camera from your smartphone.

Best Home Security Cameras 2022

The reviewers all agree on these two as the best home security cameras in 2022:

This is the best outdoor security camera. It has a 2K resolution, full-color night vision, and a 160-degree field of view. Also, a powerful built-in siren with a spotlight. It's compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and many more. It costs $200 at Amazon and for $3 per month you get motion zones, smart alerts, and other features.

The Wyze Cam v3 is rated the best overall for indoor and outdoor use. It features HD video quality, night vision, motion detection, and a good app. Its built-in microSD card slot lets you get local storage if you don’t want their cloud service, but you must buy the card separately. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands. It costs $36 at Amazon.

Note: Before buying, consider the price, indoor/outdoor functioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with security cameras and other smart home devices.

Smart Locks

Smart Locks, smart home, safe home

When installing a home automation hub controlling thermostats and lighting you can add a smart lock using Zigbee or Z-Wave.

Or, you can buy a smart lock using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system on its mobile app.

They are easy to install using standard pre-drilled holes. A mobile app opens and closes the smart lock and sends you a notification when someone unlocks or locks the door.

Some smart locks let you create temporary or permanent access for family and friends on specific hours and days or 24/7.

Smart locks come in many styles like touch screen, keyless no-touch, or combination key and touchpad locks. You can even spend more to install a biometric fingerprint reader.

Best Smart Locks 2022

Most reviews rate the following as the best smart locks in 2022:

It upgrades your existing deadbolt or other locks with a retrofit August lock and a DoorSense open and close sensor. It includes Wi-Fi to save you the cost of buying a connect module enabling smartphone app access.

Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant voice control. You get keyless entry codes, unlimited user access, and a log of every activity. Its Wi-Fi lets you lock and unlock the door from your Android or iOS device. Easy to install. Costs $200 on Amazon.

A sleek small design with a touchscreen keypad comes in three finishes. Includes a Connected by August Kit (DoorSense sensors and Wi-Fi module) connecting with an August app for locking and unlocking.

Also, its keyless lock with backlit keypad works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa voice control. Costs $280 at Yale.

Can a Home Security System Get Hacked?

Yes, all products connected to the internet and/or using wireless technology are subject to hacking. Yet, systems using encryption are safer.

A hacker using a laptop with special software can sit outside your home to intercept your system’s wireless signals. Then, they can disable sensors or suppress alarms. Or, a hacker can create radio noise to jam your communications system between the hub and sensors.

Also, smart door locks and security cameras using Wi-Fi are subject to hacking. The hacker can use your Wi-Fi and other network devices to attack larger networks. These are known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks They can also use your security cameras to monitor you.

Tip: To prevent hacking, buy a wireless router that adds an extra layer of software protection. Get an embedded encryption system. Or, a frequency hopping tech prevents signal jams.

Can a Home Security System Get Hacked?

Best Video and Alarm Security Systems for Your Home 2022 – Conclusion

Now that you learned about the best video and alarm security systems for your home 2022, let's summarize.

  • Best Home Security Automation Streaming – ADT Command and Vivint Smart Home;

  • Best DIY Home Security Systems – DIY Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit and SimpliSafe DIY Home Security Kit;

  • Best Budget DIY Home Security System – The Wyze Home Monitoring;

  • Best Budget Professional Security SystemsComcast Xfinity Home Security;

  • Best Video Doorbells – Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, RemoBell S, and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2;

  • Best Home Security Cameras – Arlo Pro 4 and Wyze Security Cam; and

  • Best Smart LocksAugust Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Yale SL Touchscreen Deadbolt.

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These alarms and CCTV cameras can provide great security to your residence which means one can keep an eye on everything while going outside the house. Also, alarms give us an indication whenever a stranger trespass the property. Hire a locksmith and get the job done on time.

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