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What To Do If You Don’t Get An Offer On Your Home In 60 Days?

The most devastating thing for a home seller is not making a sale. What to do if you do not get an offer on your home in 60 days? Not selling your home means you can’t buy another one. Or, you can’t relocate for a new job. What can you do now? Don’t panic.


  • If you don’t sell your home within 60 days don’t panic.

  • You may need to change your mindset to think like a seller.

  • Learn the reasons why homes don’t sell.

  • We’ll show you better ways to sell your home.

  • Learn how our unique Homebot calculator will help you to price your home for sale.

  • Find out how our RealScout program instantly matches your home with buyers looking for your home features.

What To Do If You Don’t Get An Offer On Your Home In 60 Days?

It’s time to figure out what went wrong with your home for sale. Many reasons could keep buyers away. Or. maybe only one? Figuring out the problem leads to the solution.

Here are some tips to get your home sold.

Change Your Mindset

You probably feel like you got rejected, its natural. Yet, you need to set aside your emotions about your home from the fact it is only a building in the eyes of the buyers.

It’s time to think like a seller. Why don’t buyers like my product? Educate yourself as to what buyers want and why your product doesn’t meet their needs.

Salesmanship is an art. Marketing a product is a science. Figuring out what home buyers want is the solution.

How do you think like a seller?

Sellers are not born. They educate themselves in the art of selling. They learn how to properly market their products. They learn what type of buyers need their products.

We are not advocating that you enroll in a business school. Or, even take courses on the art of selling. Just quickly learn some business principles and apply them to selling your home.

Learn from your mistakes

Even if you spruced up your home, put it on the market, and held open houses with crowds of people eating your snacks, that wasn’t enough.

Don’t despair. We’ll show you some different tactics to restart your home sales journey.

Why homes don’t sell?

Let’s explore possible reasons why buyers didn’t make an offer on your home.

Homes Priced Wrong

What do you look at when comparing electronics? Probably you will do a comparison of the prices first of similar TVs.

When products are overpriced, they never sell. This is the biggest reason why homes don’t sell. If you set your listing price too high you are doomed from the start.

You need to re-evaluate the current listing price in your local housing market. Now, we are not telling you to start with a low sales price. That’s because buyers are skeptical.

Pricing too low scares away buyers rather than attracting them. “If it’s too low there must be something wrong with it”. Think of damaged goods offered at a really low price. “Is it worth it?” Probably not. The same mentality goes with homes for sale.

You must avoid too high and too low pricing. Competitive prices in the housing market are what attract buyers. A little higher than the average market price leaves room to negotiate. It especially works when your home offers unique amenities or features that buyers like. For example, room to expand the home for a growing family.

Adjust Your Listing Price

Adjust Your Listing Price

Our SoCal Lifestyle Realtors will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to see how your home compares with recently sold homes in your area. We will look at your home to evaluate its value.

Does your current listing price compare to what our CMA shows? If it’s too high, maybe lowering the price by 3% will arouse buyers? On the other hand, lowering your price too often signals buyers to think something is wrong with your home.

Also, we use the powerful Homebot Home Value Estimator that gives you a more precise current market value estimate and your current equity. This makes it easier to know your profit when selling. View our blog post describing our Homebot estimator: “The Pros and Cons of Online Property Value Calculator”.

Make Influential Improvements

Don’t get carried away with upgrades for the sake of a sale. The keyword here is “influential” because you want to influence buyers not throw away money. We can help you with advising how to “get more bang for the buck” to make improvements that influence buyers when they preview your home.

Influential improvements include fresh neutral paint to cover up obnoxious room colors. Or, improved lighting to brighten up rooms. Mothers and men who love cooking are influenced by a gourmet kitchen. A backyard fire pit with comfortable seating makes a difference in our greater San Diego community.

Rev-Up Your Marketing Approach

Back to our art of selling, basic yard signs no longer work. You need to increase your marketing efforts. Don’t worry. We can do all the marketing of your home you need for a faster sale.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 51% of today’s buyers find their homes online. That’s why online buyers leads through social media works. Publicize on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other channels.

Don’t upload poor-quality photos on your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your home will compete with many other listings. High-quality photos attract attention and influence buyers to look at your home. Quality videos attract different types of buyers, especially on social media. NAR also found that 38% of buyers find photos, videos, and virtual tours useful.

Your listing description must be honest and written to appeal to certain buyers. A bachelor’s bungalow or a honeymoon setting on the beach attracts different buyers. Make your positive features shine in your listing description.

If you had crowds at your home showings with no offers, maybe you attracted the wrong buyers? There is a marketing science based on what appeals to baby boomers, millennials, and Generation X buyers. Your home may attract one of those groups more than the others.

More Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Buyers appreciate these touches when they preview homes:

sell your house tips, home improvement

Clean, and clean again – A dirty house turns off buyers. You must make your home sparkle by thoroughly cleaning everything from top to bottom. Every room, space, garage, basement, attic, and the outside must shine.

Declutter – The longer you live in your home the more things collect. You must remove all the clutter from sight. Make your home appear organized and sharp.

De-Personalize – Buyers are dreamers. They like to walk into a home and vison what it's like to live there. They mentally place their favorite furnishings in every room. What fits where? That’s why you must hide all personal items including family photos, trophies, pet items, clothes, fridge items, and bathroom personalities.

Curb Appeal – When a buyer drives by your home it needs to look fabulous. Mowed lawn, attractive landscaping, fresh paint, inviting front entry, no trash or clutter. Read our blog post explaining “Why Homes Fail to Sell”.

Staging – If you already moved and your home is vacant it's worthwhile to stage your home for buyers. A vacant home is a turn-off. Yet, a well-staged home looks inviting. Read our blog post about “Tips for Staging Your Home When Selling.

Letting Buyers Find Your Home Faster - We use the unique RealScout program that lets buyers input their desired features into our local MLS database to quickly match home listings with the same desired features. This lets buyers instantly find your home when it matches what they seek. Read our broker’s blog post How RealScout Helps Home Buyers.

Maybe You Got Bad Advice?

Everything in our tips above is used by our Realtors. You need a Realtor who can help you properly price your home, give you good curb appeal and staging advice, and use effective marketing tools.

SoCal Lifestyle Realty helps home sellers across San Diego County to sell their homes faster at the right price. Our unique Homebot and RealScout programs help you to find the best price and buyers looking for your type of home.

Contact us today if you are thinking of selling your home or have problems selling it.

What To Do If You Don’t Get An Offer On Your Home In 60 Days? - Conclusion

We covered many tips so you know what to do if you don’t get an offer on your home in 60 days. To summarize, we suggested:

  • Changing your mindset to think like a seller;

  • Learning from your mistakes why your home didn’t sell;

  • Adjusting your listing price based on our unique Homebot calculator;

  • Making influential improvements;

  • Revving up your marketing approach;

  • Applying touches like cleaning, de-cluttering, curb appeal, and staging;

  • Trying our RealScout program matching buyers' preferences with your home features; and

  • Use a Realtor for better advice.

Are You Ready To Sell Your San Diego Home Faster?


SoCal Lifestyle Realty knows San Diego County cities, neighborhoods, and communities to help you sell your home faster at the best price.

Contact us for a free CMA and Homebot market value analysis to help you list at the right price. Likewise, take advantage of our RealScout program to instantly match your home with buyers looking for your home features.

Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger

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